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Crime TV Show "Sherlock" (Season 2) Torrent is rated with 9.2 points out of 10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) according to 655,045 ratings by critics. Series is created by Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and the main stars are N/A. Season begins with first episode called "A Scandal in Belgravia", official air date is May 6, 2012. Season 2 consists of 3 episodes, single episode estimated length is 1 hour 29 minutes with 880 MB download size and 720p resolution, full season size 4.5 GB with 1080p resolution.

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Air Date: 2012 May 6
End Date: 2012 May 20
Resolution: 720p 1080p
IMDb: 9.2 655,045 Votes
Quality: BRRip BRRip
Genre: Crime TV Shows
Full Season: 4.5 GB 3 Episodes
Episode: 880 MB Episode

Series synopsisSherlock must confiscate something of importance from a mysterious woman named Irene Adler. Sherlock and John investigate the ghosts of a young man who has been seeing monstrous hounds out in the woods where his father died.

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Sherlock Season 2 720p 4.2 GB
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Full SeasonEpisode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Full Season - "Sherlock S02 Torrent"Episode 1-3 inside | BRRip | 1080p | 4.5 GB
Episode 1A Scandal in Belgravia
Episode 2The Hounds of Baskerville
Episode 3The Reichenbach Fall

Torrent Info
  • Quality: BRRip (high quality) or BRRip (high quality)
  • Resolution: 720p (HD) or 1080p (FULL HD)
  • Download Size: 880 MB (per episode) or 4.5 GB (full season)
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: None
Season Info
  • Premiere Date: 2012 (May 6)
  • Star(s): Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Louise Brealey, Mark Gatiss
  • Creator(s): Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat
  • Duration: approx 1 hour 29 minutes (per episode)
  • Rating: 9.2 (according to 655,045 user votes on IMDb)
  • Source: Wikipedia, IMDb

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Full Season Torrent Review

No TOP TV show for today.

"Every fairy-tale requires a good, conservative villain," and Sherlock got just this week, together with Moriarty performing his diabolical worst within an episode that stunned and thrilled at equal measure. He started the series at a psychologist's office, talking about the death of his very best friend, Sherlock Holmes, the ideal means to elevate the bets and whet the appetite for the play to come. The name of this episode also needs to have struck fear into the hearts of hardcore Conan Doyle lovers, Reichenbach function as waterfall to which Holmes and Moriarty plummeted for their assumed deaths in first narrative,'The Final Problem'.

Mycroft hires Sherlock and John to retrieve compromising photos of a minor royal, which are held on the camera phone of Irene Adler (Lara Pulver), a ruthless and brilliant dominatrix who also trades in classified information extracted from her rich and powerful clients. Sherlock obtains Adler's phone, but discovers it is booby-trapped and requires a code to disarm it.

Sherlock Season 2 Torrent

He is instantly detained, but that is all part of the plan, the trial allowing Moriarty to market his standing as the world's biggest consulting criminal while at precisely the exact same time preparing the planet's ultimate consulting detective upward to get a dramatic collapse. What followed was play most persuasive, Moriarty putting in motion a complex set of events which included American Ambassadors, Eastern European hit-men, corrupt journalists, burnt gingerbread men, along with his own catastrophic'Closing Problem'.

Download Sherlock Season 2

Additionally, it place Holmes and Moriarty on a crash course, the outcomes of which did not disappoint. Shot using a classy cinematic sheen by manager Toby Haynes, their roof-top face-off was just magnificent, while the second that Sherlock knew his destiny was a real show-stopper. The former has made the function of Holmes his own over the span of six mini-movies, also this climactic show-down was his best hour, Cumberbatch switching between arrogance, anger, vanity, insecurity and gloomy resignation, and infusing the character with a serene nobility that created Sherlock truly epic.

Download Sherlock Season 2 Full Torrent

And Scott was his equivalent every step along the way. The Dublin-born celebrity has made some odd decisions in his understanding of this personality - and there is something of this pantomime villain to his operation - but for the purposes of the series, his theatrics do the job. Whether telling lies, creating risks, sowing doubt in the minds of his victims, or even forcing a catastrophic correlation involving the dynamic duo, Scott dominates the display, his Moriarty a great storm of intellect and insanity which makes him the worthiest of competitions for its super-sleuth.

Obviously the incident introduced more questions than it answered - that the most obvious of which being precisely how Holmes cheated death - however with year in the pipe-line, these puzzles only give us additional ingenious explanations to anticipate. However, for the show concluded in fashion; a strong, persuasive and totally satisfying 90-minutes of TV that created'The Reichenbach Fall' the most powerful Sherlock yet.

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