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Action movie "Skyscraper" Torrent is rated with 6.1 points out of 10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) according to 853 ratings by critics. Film is directed in 2018 by Rawson Marshall Thurber and the main stars are Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber, Noah Taylor, McKenna Roberts, Kevin Rankin. The length of the whole piece is 1 hour 42 minutes. Skyscraper premiere date is , before this date movie is not available for download with uTorrent.

Skyscraper Download Torrent
Release date: 2018 July 13
Resolution: 720p 1080p
IMDb: 6.1 853 Votes
Quality: WEB-DL WEB-DL
Genre: Action Movies
Torrent: 854 MB 1.6 GB

Movie synopsisA father goes to great lengths to save his family from a burning skyscraper.

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Skyscraper Torrent
Skyscraper Download
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Download Skyscraper Torrent

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  • Quality: WEB-DL (High quality) or WEB-DL (High quality)
  • Resolution: 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full HD)
  • Download Size: 854 MB or 1.6 GB
  • Audio: English
  • Subtitles: English
Movie Info
  • Premiere Date: 2018 (July 13)
  • Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Pablo Schreiber, Noah Taylor, McKenna Roberts, Kevin Rankin
  • Film Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber
  • Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
  • Rating: 6.1 (according to 853 user votes on IMDb)
  • Source: Wikipedia, IMDb
Skyscraper (2018) Torrent
Skyscraper (2018) Download
Skyscraper (2018) Full Movie

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No TOP movie for today.

Sure, he will take on a giant building filled with bad guys and make it seem relatively simple, but will he be able to compete using memory of Hard? The response... may surprise you. Skyscraper follows May Sawyer, a former former FBI Hostage Team Leader who's at the world's biggest construction - a Hong Kong skyscraper known as"The Pearl" - together with his doctor-wife Sarah and their two charming children when bad men take it on and set it ablaze. Together with his family trapped indoors, will need to use every tool at his disposal - that almost all of the time is simply duct tape - to scale this laughably enormous monstrosity of a structure and rescue the day.

Johnson somehow climbs a 90-story skies crane in approximately ten minutes, and he has still got lots of energy left to create perilous jumps and maintain bridges collectively employing the sheer unbridled energy of his massive pecs. Dwayne Johnson is a big, powerful man, but Skyscraper actually pushes it. And that's not a bug, that's a characteristic. Like the subsequent Fast & Furious movies, Skyscraper occurs at a parallel reality where mad activity is its own reward, and also we take literally anything which occurs so long since we enjoy the characters. Dwayne Johnson shows his vulnerable side, Neve Campbell unleashes her badass side, as well as the children are not particularly bothersome, although one of these suffers from"Situational Asthma," which just ends up when it is an inconvenient plot stage.

Skyscraper is a 2018 American action film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and starring Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Noah Taylor, Byron Mann, Pablo Schreiber, and Hannah Quinlivan. The story follows a former FBI agent who must rescue his family from a newly built skyscraper–the tallest in the world–after it is taken over by terrorists. The first non-comedy of Thurber's career, it also marks his second collaboration with Johnson following Central Intelligence (2016).

Skyscraper (2018) torrent

To put it a different way, you are anticipated to turn off your brain when you are watching Skyscraper. Very little about this film makes sense, as well as its overarching story - about a billionaire's hubris, which results in mayhem and catastrophe - somehow manages not to take a solid stance against the exact same hubris. This is not a movie about the reason why it had been folly to construct The Tower of Babel, this really is a film about how a lot of jerks destroyed The Tower of Babel for everybody else. Skyscraper goes really far out of its way not to have a meaningful stage, and though we can criticize its own dunderheadness, you kind of have to respect the attempt.

Obviously, Die Hard was able to tell a similar story using nuanced characters, complex plotting, a little level of plausibility and a few well-illustrated themes. But although they seem similar, Skyscraper is not Die Hard. It is a simple-minded but exceptionally entertaining blockbuster with evident influences and its very own, foolish character. Perhaps it doesn't attain new heights of comedic brilliance, but in regards to lowbrow matinee excitement, it is the tops. Nonetheless, it is a gigantic and ridiculous blockbuster matinee of a film, using likable performances, silly action sequences, and a hell of a great deal of duct tape.

download Skyscraper

It lacks even the tiniest spark of creativity, and while it could observe not being predicated on preexisting material or being a sequel, it hides so deeply within the action genre which it never locates a character of its own. It is daring just in the sense that our market is now flooded with adaptations and franchises therefore by that merit, Skyscraper is exceptional only in its terms of present tendencies instead of anything inside the movie itself. The film is mainly a waste of Dwayne Johnson's abilities, and it really shows the joys of owning him as an everyman lead.

Following a rescue mission went south and dropped him his legWill Sawyer has begun a little security firm, also landed a significant contract to appraise the Hong Kong skyscraper The Pearl. Run by strong businessman Zhao Long Ji, the Pearl is going to open its own residential place, but things go awry as soon as the construction is attacked by terrorists headed by Kores Botha. With Will's wife Sarah and their two kids trapped in the burning building, will have to fight his way into rescue his loved ones, which necessarily leads him to attempting to stop the terrorists.

Former FBI agent and amputee Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) lives in the tallest and "safest" skyscraper in Hong Kong with his family. The skyscraper itself, known as "The Pearl," houses several floors that function as their own society, and despite the risks highlighted by Sawyer, who is the building's head of security, his bosses insist that it is impenetrable. True to Sawyer's belief, the building comes under attack by terrorists, forcing Sawyer to take action. Matters are complicated further when he finds himself framed for the attack, and his family trapped above the resulting fire line.

Within this kind of personality, Johnson is your version of self-reliance, which also contributes to a bizarre type of selfishness. On the 1 hand, he's got a very clear and altruistic rationale: rescue his loved ones. However, the way he goes on his assignment is constantly on his own. He does not attempt to find help, he does not attempt to recruit people to his origin, and he is only looking for hisfamily. He is a fanatic, but at the most restricted sense, risking his life to get a private cause as opposed to the larger good. It is nice he wishes to rescue his loved ones, but it could be such as Die Hard when John McClane had just thought about attempting to rescue his wife. He is attempting to save every one the hostages, also Skyscraper simply solved the problem by stating"The only people in the construction would be the Sawyer family, Zhao, and Zhao's safety guards".

download Skyscraper full torrent

Sawyer can not be an everyman hero such as McClane since Bruce Willis, particularly in the first Die Hard, does not have the body of someone just like Johnson. Johnson is a superman of types, and that is why we adore him at the physics-breaking universe of this Fast & Furious films. But if you throw him as"Regular Joe with a Army Wallpaper" at Skyscraper, the scenario does not feel as distressed. It is possible to kick the crap out of himbut he is still built like Dwayne Johnson, therefore there is not quite as much of an effect, particularly in a PG-13 setting. The film is at its finest when Johnson can perform some feat of power such as holding a bridge collectively through sheer brawn.

Even in the event that you set aside that Johnson is the wrong sort of celebrity for this particular story and his personality does not really do him any favors from the hero section, Skyscraper is mainly a romance affair. Although you do not need to reduce the bets of a family trapped in a burning building, there is still room for humor given the outsized conditions. But the one character who actually has to shine is astonishingly Neve Campbell's Sarah, who's self-reliant, smart, and possibly could have only been the solo star of the film given her personality's skillset. Sarah is the person who makes us to cheer for her activities and intellect whereas Will Inform us Dwayne Johnson is surrounded by green display.

The era of"casual magical" is felt intensely in Skyscraper at which for many of Will's daring-do, none of it has some weight. While Dwayne Johnson should not be held into the Tom Cruise standard of really hanging off a building, there seems to be much danger involved with the staging of the action scenes. He is hanging off a CG construction, diving through CG fires, and dodging CG turbines. And that could be the fact of the company, but Thurber never makes us feel as though there is any threat. Johnson's imposing body and the character of CG-filled films have eliminated any danger, so it is actually only a picture going through the moves. Skyscraper is your action film at its most frequent, but not in its most enjoyable. It ought to be a film that gives us epic action using a fanciful construction and Johnson's charisma, but rather it provides us neither. Rather, we are just passing time as we could observe every movement telegraphed from a mile off. As opposed to supplying the relaxation of an old-fashioned act film, Skyscraper simply feels stale.

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